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Early Childhood Staff

Michele Simpson  Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Sarah Webster Early Childhood Coordinator

Andrea Hamlin Special Educator/ EI transitions

Amanda Murray Special Educator/IECSE teacher

Julie Driscoll Special Educator/ IECSE teacher

Colleen Scott Smith Speech Pathologist

Karen Cryan Social Worker

Perrin Tellock Psychologist

Jennifer Marcello OccupationalTherapist

Liz Caffrey  Physical Therapist

Amanda Murray Special Educator

Julie Driscoll Special Educator

Sheri Milas Speech Therapist

Michelle Hardy Speech Therapist

Brenda Sardinha  Speech Therapist

Jen Huff Speech Pathologist

Lori Desrosiers paraprofessional

Michelle Hardy Speech Pathologist

Sarah Rosendale Teacher of the Hearing Impaired    

Bethany Adams Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Jeannine Ambrosino  Home Visitor

Maryssa DiSegna Regular Educator

Miss DiNofrio paraprofessional

Mrs. LaValle  paraprofessional

Julie Driscoll  Special Educator 

Amy Ottiano  Speech Pathologist

Ann Harwood Occupational Therapist

Casey Beaudoin Special Educator   

Miss Nicole & Miss Jackie Paraprofessionals

Jamie Ricci Special Educator  

Miss Shari and Miss Cindy Paraprofessionals

Heidi Webster Speech Pathologist    

Kayla Netto  Occupational Therapist 

Mrs. Marlene Gamba Principal and LEA

Kristin Johnson  Special Educator

Mrs. Turner & Mrs. Sellechio Paraprofessionals

Tanya Morales Speech Pathologist

Brenda Sardinha Speech Pathologist

Ann Harwood Occupational Therapist

Elsa Hunziker Special Educator

Miss Vicki & Miss Michele Paraprofessionals

Nicolette Ogden - Special Educator 

Lee Ann Faria  Speech Pathologist

Ann Harwood Occupational Therapist

Mrs.Cheri Sacco Principal and LEA

Amanda Murray/Julie Driscoll Special Educators

Miss Lori & Miss Brianna Paraprofessionals

Sarah Stevens Speech Pathologist

Ann Harwood Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Tricia Totolo Principal and LEA

Julie Quaranto Special Educator

Miss Paula & Miss Stacey Paraprofessionals

Maria Schulz Speech Pathologist

Stephanie Pinto Occupational Therapist